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Brandon Johnston
2023-10-20 15:59:21

Blair and Drew did a panel replacement and ran some additional wiring I needed for future home improvement projects. Blair did an excellent job of communicating throughout the process and finding the best way to complete the job and overcome any challenges while providing the best results without overrunning costs or time from the initial estimate. I am very happy with the outcome and would/will hire again.

Jason L.
2023-09-11 20:12:54

Top notch! We had Expert Electric out to assist with a couple of ceiling fan replacements and the installation of a new exterior floodlight, as well as a couple of other minor items. I cannot say enough good things about my experience - they are efficient, thoughtful, and even seem to be having fun with what they do. Even crawling around in our attic to make some difficult connections, they kept a positive attitude. I'd definitely hire them to help again.

2023-05-20 04:45:12

Drew and Blair are the best! Extremely helpful and honest individuals to have doing the electrical work in your home. Will do their best to help you with anything in your home even if it is not electrical. They did panel work for me, light fixtures, outlets, and more. They also charge extremely fair prices and do not give off the persona of a salesman. I would 100% recommend to anyone.

Natalie Foskey
2023-06-01 02:39:49

Expert Electric was absolutely fantastic to deal with as they made electrical corrections at a commercial retail building we own. We needed immediate help after the commercial tenant did some creative, un-permitted wiring. Blair kept us in the loop every step of the way as he pulled permits and reached out to the city inspector. I highly recommend Expert Electric and we will call them in for the next job.

Justin Hoffman
2023-04-29 02:47:36

Blair and Drew were super helpful with quickly diagnosing and fixing an electrical short that was affecting several key areas of our house recently. And in 2021, Blair handled replacing our rather complicated electrical panel--during that heat wave that summer. We were so glad he got our AC going just as temperatures were soaring. Highly recommend the team at Expert Electric!

5768 SW Admiral Way, Seattle, WA 98116, USA
(206) 890-0014