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Michelle Hippe
2023-11-10 20:44:02

Tricia is the real deal. We were quoted a job by a big name sewer & drain company with a plan to open up the sidewalk, replace our old, misaligned concrete drain with PVC, and then shoot a liner out to the street. My brother-in law said we need to call The Pipe Dr, they had just done some great work for him. I told Tricia our issue, and she recommended the same procedures, for about 1/3 of the price. She showed me samples from her truck and made sure I understood the process & materials. Her crew is diligent & respectful, and had their work cleaned up and contained between service days. All properly permitted and inspected by the city before they closed it back up, and the sidewalk now looks nicer where they worked, than it does on the rest of the block. : ) The tens of thousands of dollars she saved us, and the awesome communication, and being able to support an honest, local, family run business feels like such a win/win/win. And we now have NO segments of crumbling concrete sewer between our home and main city line. Hooray!

Marcus Handler
2023-01-21 19:07:06

The Pipe Doctor (Tricia) does EXCELLENT work. She is responsive, provides clear and thorough recommendations, and is reasonably priced. I had a 100 year old sewer line with multiple downspout tie-ins that needed extensive sewer line repair through the entire line. After receiving multiple bids, including from sewer inspection companies I previously used, Tricia’s scope of work was significantly more thorough and she spent the time to inspect the entire line before providing recommendations. Other bidders either did not inspect the line, suggested short term repairs, or recommended closing off downspouts which would have caused me new problems. Tricia replaced the entire line, and her pricing was the same for a sewer line replacement vs, other contractors providing only short term repairs. The work was done quickly and I was happy with the results. I will use her again.

Jeff Clay
2020-05-04 22:44:36

Our sewer main line backed up last Friday at 5pm. Trisha and Josh were kind enough to come out that evening to help solve the issue. Unfortunately, the 70 year old concrete line had collapsed in on itself. They scoped it and showed me the damage and were able to locate exactly where the break was. They showed up first thing the next morning (Saturday) and replaced the broken section of pipe in just a few hours. I highly recommend The Pipe Doctors!

Kirk Berry
2022-11-20 04:46:27

Amazing drainage repair services! Our storm drain in our driveway was totally clogged and there was no drainage every time it rained. They came out and identified the drainage problem immediately and repaired the drain same day. After hydro jetting they discovered holes in the pipe and more drain clogs. It turned into a two day job because the cast iron pipe was completely impacted and rusted out. They cut the concrete, dug out a new channel and installed about 30 ft of pipe that led to a pop up drain. They also did a great job cleaning up afterwards, which most contractors don’t bother with. Super knowledgeable, professional, affordable and skilled team. Highly recommend and will hire again if needed.

michael rose
2022-10-20 22:50:14

I called The Pipe Doctor to scope a blocked sewer. Trisha came out the same day to evaluate the problem. I was hoping it would only require hydrojetting, but discovered that the sewer was so degraded that it needed to be replaced immediately. The next day, their crew started the replacement. They did the pipe bursting and installed a new lining that same week. Trisha was great to work with, and her team was thorough and professional. They completed the job to my complete satisfaction.

12345 Lake City Way NE Ste 311, Seattle, WA 98125, USA
(206) 676-2192