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Kyle Vallentine
2023-10-25 21:58:57

Tate and Ethan were awesome! We had a unique bathroom, vanity drain project and not only were they able to finalize our installation, but suggested a few other updates to our old connections. We went ahead and did those suggested upgrades, and I felt like it was a reasonable price for the three hours they spent. Highly recommended.

2024-02-13 18:12:17

Woke up to a leaking water heater (rusted at the bottom and cracked), called Bee’s first thing in the morning and I had a new tankless installed that day. Christian and Josh were professional and accommodating. They worked around kids needing access to their rooms and water mitigation service preparing for clean up. As horrible as it is having to wake up to something like this, it’s great when someone reassures you that they’re going to take care of you. Christian did just that. Highly recommended.

Carol B.C. Honkanen, RETIRED
2023-09-26 01:11:57

They may not be perfect, but they try to honor their 5-star guarantee! Make sure you get specific details of who will do the work. They did a Bait-n-Switch with me, telling me how the plumber has 27 years of LICENSED experience, sent his photo & a brief bio of him and how he is a family man, etc... When he showed up, he had a sidekick/Trainee who did all the work UNSUPERVISED. The licensed guy never even looked under my sink, he spent the entire time OUTSIDE on his cell phone, roaming/casing out(?) my property instead. The Trainee was sweet & professional and admitted that he wasn't licensed, as he couldn't figure out why my unit didn't work when he installed it and it leaked, looking to me as though it wasn't installed properly. The licensed guy never checked his work. Trainee miraculously had another unit on their truck that I could get, for over $1200, otherwise I owed over $600+ for a non-working unit and now a leaking sink. I opted to pay double, to get my sink in working order. Amazingly, he was able to take off my allegedly non-working unit and replace it with their unit, in about 5 minutes, after it took him almost 2 hours to take off the initial unit and then claim my replacement unit didn't work. Shouldn't the Licensed plumber be supervising this mess?! After they left, I had to call them back, because the rubber drain piece was never attached. If the Trainee was properly supervised, this would/should have been caught and not further inconvenienced me. I felt that this was their intentional game/fraud. When I let them know that I wasn't happy and suspected Fraud, their Customer Service rep/manager called to apologize and offered to refund me 50%, which I accepted. HOWEVER, it took 2 weeks to finally get the refund, after I had to ask about the status of it, it came in 3 days which included the weekend. 5-star service shouldn't be this painful for the customer. But, to their credit, they made things right, after I complained. I rated as a "4" because I had to follow-up on their promised refund. Five-star reviews SHOULD be from happy customers who don't have to work this hard for what is right.

Renee Stearns
2023-09-22 19:57:06

The expansion tank exploded on my water heater and what was taking BestPlumbing, and Gene Johnson over 4 days to address, Bee’s Plumbing solved in less than 5 hrs. Demitri and Bogey arrived and had a new heater and expansion tank ready to install within an hour. They were professional, pleasant, great communicators, super tidy, and did absolutely fantastic work. Five+ excellent stars for Bee’s Plumbing. Would hire them again in a second. The other companies I tried dealing with have been bought out by large companies who just don’t get the customer experience or their employees. Save yourself the heartache and frustration that I went through, and just call Bee’s first.

Alissa Jensen
2024-02-17 04:03:11

Tate and his assistant were awesome today. We didn't catch the other guys name, but they were both more than great. They got here fast and got the jobs done quick. We appreciated their knowledge and kindness during this process! It's never fun having plumbing issues, but they made this an easy process! Highly recommend them!!

2401 SW Alaska St, Seattle, WA 98106, USA
(206) 629-8217