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2023-09-03 10:01:47

No hesitation in recommending them. Kathy Industrial Heating & Cooling were recommended by my neighbor, whose unit wouldn't start. Her problem, like ours, required a simple fix. So no worries about overcharging. In addition, Chris gave a suggestion about efficient approaches to using the system and using less gas.

Karleen Brigham
2023-03-28 06:15:32

Mixed emotions over this choice. 1. Kathy's Industrial Heating and Air is not a local business. They are subcontractors utilizing the name and are J&J services. The installation technicians are employees of J&J services. I purchased a heat pump and furnace thinking, I was getting a good deal and supporting local. All was well until.. the installation. It went well until they realized they installed an air conditioning unit. The heat pump was ordered, and the office administrator told me she had to eat the cost of the air conditioning unit. Not my problem, I was annoyed at this point. I had to wait another week for the right unit. After the installation, the unit wasn't cooling correctly. I reached out to "Brad" who sold me on the Amana Heat pump and gas furnace system, he assured his tech would make it right. After a few more calls he quit answering his phone, and I had to deal with his assistant, who was nice until things started getting worse, The unit started failing, my garage flooded, then a part inside the new furnace failed, and the wires in tstat were hooked up wrong.There were multiple trips by the technicians. They were super nice guys, but this whole experience was painful. Now, 8 months later I need to get it serviced and have called the numbers for Kathy's Heating and air Seattle,only to get a call center and no return calls. 8 mo. later the heat pump, is not heating properly. Per written agreement, they agreed to service the 1st time for free due to all of these issues. I don't think this company is upfront about who they really are and use transparency for a reason. J&J services are who they really are, and they are sub contractors.

Marcus Oesterwinter
2023-03-20 20:57:41

Business address is right down the street. Hoping to find a small local business. No website listed. I am looking to have new AC installed. I know exactly what I need done and asked to talk with someone about pricing. The phone rep said that don't do over the phone and that I would need to schedule an appointment. I asked to schedule an appointment and then the rep told me that I need to make a payment. It would be helpful to have some details about the company online.

Eleanor Silva
2021-11-09 05:34:57

We have been working with the Kathy Industrial Heating & Cooling team for several years and they are always there when you need them. Very professional, honest and always take the time to explain exactly what they are doing or needs to be done whether it is simple maintenance or fixing an issue. We highly recommend Kathy Industrial Heating & Cooling!

Victoria Wilson
2019-03-26 10:09:24

I have to give Kathy Industrial Heating & Cooling company 5 stars for the way their clients service was so professional and factual. I was also provided with in depth details when a tech came out and evaluate what I have and how much better my AC could be. It was wonderful to come across a company that really has the clients best interest at heart!!

9013 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106, USA
(206) 202-6057