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Virginia Clark
2024-06-08 20:25:49

Ashley preformed our annual maintenance on our AC and did an outstanding job. She explained everything she was doing and was very professional. We’ve used Allred for three years now for all our heating and cooling services. They also service our gas fireplace. We have their maintenance program and we couldn’t be happier with their service and professionalism. They are an excellent company.

Gina Bell
2024-05-04 23:57:09

The tech who showed up was excellent. I was really looking for an excuse to let him have it a little bit, we have only been communicating with the office for weeks to get this service completed. But he was great, and I didn't want to drag the experience down. I won't go into the churn with the office, but suffice to say at the genesis of the whole thing there was this label that needed to be applied, that was forgotten when they installed the heat pump about a year ago, so it's not like we were some needy customers with unrealistic expectations. Anyway, Kudos to the guy who came - Eric Dumke - he was great. Restored some of my interest in continuing with this company... some.

Kirsten Johnston
2024-05-01 19:29:53

Michael Waltz was a great technician to have in my house. He was thorough in his inspection and the work for serving my furnace was done quickly and effectively. He provided details about what components were suggested for being replaced as well as an accurate quote and strongly encouraged a duct cleaning (the house was just remodeled), with pictures of the inside of the ducts to show me the condition. I will be scheduling Allred to come and do the work!

Sheldon White
2024-04-09 22:43:44

We had some issues with our furnace, and called Allred to send someone out to inspect it and let us know what the situation was. Mike and Matt showed up the next day, did a thorough inspection and patiently explained the situation, even giving us a lot of facts and advice about our furnace that nobody had shared before! They were friendly and completely professional. Great job, guys!

Sneha Rajana
2024-02-01 16:08:02

I hired Allred for a ductless mini split installation in my bedroom. This bedroom has 2 exterior walls and both have large windows that go up to the ceiling. There was only one location where a wall unit could go in one of these exterior walls based on Sean’s observation when he made the visit to give me a quote. Sean has been very professional throughout and also provided detailed information on quotes and the work. I was okay with this and asked to move forward. On the day of installation, 2 other people from Allred came by to do the installation. They talked me into switching to a floor unit instead of a wall unit. They told me there would be no difference between them and they’re basically the same units. The reason they gave me was because my bed was so close to the wall, someone could hit their head on a wall unit. But tbh it doesn’t protrude that much. Later I learnt from Sean that the real reason they can’t install a wall unit is because it wasn’t possible based on my roof line behind this wall. I find that quote unprofessional. Anyway this floor unit has not been comfortable for me at all. It blows COLD air right into my face and body when I’m sleeping even on a heat mode (the cold air is normal just how the heat pumps work). I spent $10K on this for one unit! I called and pleaded with them to change back to the original plan of wall unit so at least I can turn my bed around so the air flow is not directly at me (cannot do that now because of floor unit obstruction). I sent them photos and videos of how my sheets ruffle at the air speed during the night and early am when it’s coldest. They explained why there’s nothing they could’ve done. I pointed out that they gave me a wrong reason for why a wall unit can’t be installed and that if they were going to do a floor unit, they could’ve installed anywhere else in this bedroom (windows are not a concern for this) instead of right next to my bed like that and neither ofninstallers warned me of this happening on top of giving me a weird reason of hitting my head on a wall unit. To be fair, Sean has tried his best and remained professional but I think it’s beyond what he can do. Just disappointed with the company. After charging $10K for one unit (and didn’t apply pse rebates), they want to charge extra for a trip to come back and see what’s going on and then additional labor for moving the unit to a different location which should e been done in the first place. Overall, while I think the company is professional to some extent based on other reviews, they are not the most knowledgeable it feels like. Also disappointed that their free solution to me is for me to figure out myself how to turn the vents away from the bed (which I’ve already tried). If I were to have reviewed them right after the installation, I might’ve given them 5 stars but glad I waited because after a few months (when I actually need to use heat function) I can’t get them to fix issues with their installation.

720 Seneca St #206, Seattle, WA 98101, USA
(206) 359-2164