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Phil Maaa
2024-01-18 03:00:00

I reached out to Gene Johnson regarding my radiant heating not working properly. They were able to come by within the next day to take a look. Tech Mike F was very knowledgeable and honest regarding next steps and questions my wife and I had. We proceeded to replace the Manifold and add a magnetic separator to my unit. Heat is now working! :)

Jaret Keniston
2023-12-09 00:37:06

Quality work. Fantastic people. Reasonable price. Easy 5 stars. I had water suddenly leaking into my home from what appeared to a break in our water main just outside of my foundation wall. I called Gene Johnson plumbing and they arranged for Tyler, a specialist in outdoor / main to home plumbing to come out within 24 hours. Tyler assessed the issue, and scheduled a repair to happen with a few days (and at a very reasonable estimate). He was very knowledgeable and his explanations gave me a ton of confidence in the proposed work / solution. On the day of the repair, Eugine, the technician, and Tyler, came out first thing in the morning to review the plan, and then Eugine went to work. I honestly can't say enough good things about Eugine. It was December in Seattle, so you can imagine that the conditions were truly awful. It was cold and pouring rain all day and Eugine had to dig through about 4 feet of rocks and dirt (mud, really) just to get to the broken pipe. Despite that, he worked quickly and communicated often to show me the issue and the make sure the repair met with my approval. He even offered to grab some hydraulic cement from his truck to seal the gap in the foundation wall where the water had been coming in. He took plenty of photos for records of carefully refilled the excavation area just as it was before. Eugine was absolutely fantastic. I appreciate the way he and Tyler took care of me. And I would gladly trust them with any plumbing work I might need in the future.

Brian Munn
2024-01-28 19:48:25

Great experience with Branson! Very friendly, knowledgeable, and the quote was accurate. Needed shut-off valves installed on my house from the 40s, existing lines were galvanized steel, so that made things tricky. He outlined several options and recommendations, and we settled on something that will be compatible and easy to work with for future kitchen remodel plans. Will definitely be calling Gene Johnson again when it's time to do more plumbing work!

Natalie Burleson
2024-02-08 16:23:27

I have used this company twice and have been fairly happy with them. For my second service they did have to keep rescheduling the appointment. They wouldn’t call to reschedule until the day of the appointment, and always cited staffing issues. We had a broken bathroom pipe and a sewer smell in our house for over a month waiting for them to come out. Once they came to do the work I was pleased. Most recently we had a toilet clog and overflow in our master bath. We turned it off and started using our downstairs bathroom. I called and scheduled an appointment for a little less than a week out. During the time waiting, our guest toilet started running, causing our septic to fill too fast. I had to call septic plumbers to come out and check our system. Since Gene Johnson was supposed to come out the next day, I didn’t worry too much. But they called and said that they needed to reschedule. I argued and they assured me that they would come out the next day and not reschedule me again. The next day they called 30 min after their scheduled arrival window started and said that they had call outs and couldn’t get anyone out to me until the next day, which didn’t work with my schedule. Ultimately I called a different company. I won’t be using Gene Johnson again, which is unfortunate because they actually do a really great job if you can actually get someone out to you.

Micco Emeson
2023-11-11 18:50:20

In May 2023, Gene Johnson Plumbing (GJP) installed a Navien NPE-A, tankless, gas-powered water heater at my home in Shoreline, WA. The process was very smooth from start to finish, and I would highly recommend GJP for any residential plumbing project you may be considering. I didn’t realize this at the time, but Gene Johnson plumbing actually sponsors my buddie’s cycling team, Launchpad Cycling. I think it’s so great that GJP is investing in the community, building relationships with their clients, and providing top quality workmanship at competitive prices. I will continue to refer people and use GJP for my own plumbing needs for as long as they continue the same level of service I received this year. The quote process through GJP was excellent. A plumbing technician, Aaron, both provided me with a quote and performed the installation, ensuring a cohesive experience. Too many times in my experience contractors have had poor communication between the sales crew and the installation crew, resulting in unmet expectations. I had also gotten several quotes from other companies, and they all wanted to charge me a fee for the quote, but GJP did not. Also, GJP was willing to consider the discounts other companies gave me in order to give me a competitive price. GJP worked with me to help lower the total cost of the installation, and to ensure that the installation met my preferences and technical requirements. For example, I required them to use special hardware (hanger bolts and slotted strut channel) to mount the tankless heater in such a way that would not damage the vinyl siding on my home. Even though this deviated from their usual installation methods, they worked with me to ensure that the attention to detail informed by my Professional Civil Engineering background was satisfied. I can thankfully say that I am definitely satisfied with my new instant hot-water system installed by Gene Johnson Plumbing.

10011 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133, USA
(206) 792-7495