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Johanna Karenseti
2023-09-18 18:24:50

I contacted Nick based on their overwhelmingly positive online evaluations, and they did not disappoint. First, their superior voicemail service informed me that I would be contacted to schedule an appointment. Due to the late hour, I anticipated having to wait until the following business day. I was startled to receive a call so early in the evening! Nick expressed regret that he could only accommodate me two days later. I was ecstatic, as I anticipated a minimum delay of one week. Nick arrived on time at our residence and graciously disregarded the "spring break chaos" he encountered, as we are attempting to utilize our time off to clean the house. He demonstrated in-depth knowledge of common plumbing issues and elucidated how a home's construction can contribute to potential leaks/problems. He then provided his professional opinion that the problem was a downspout on the roof and that any actions he took could be excessive. He provided explicit instructions on how to isolate and identify the problem if it occurs again, as well as the best and worst-case scenarios. I will definitely contact Nick for any future plumbing requirements. They are a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and professional company that I would recommend to anyone in Seattle Plumbers.

Faith Muthoni
2023-10-31 22:25:29

Twenty-four hours after we contacted Nick, he came to our house. We were quite relieved when our plumbing issue was quickly fixed. In addition to being on time, he has a nice disposition. He is without a doubt the greatest; we have worked with other local contractors as well. My full support is for it.

Isabela Walkman
2023-09-13 06:48:43

Our experience with Seattle Plumbers was extremely positive. Bruen was prompt and identified our plumbing issue, which another plumber had overlooked! His work was comprehensive, and he communicated with us effectively. We will certainly utilize his services again.

Nadia Leuschke
2023-11-20 16:13:35

My husband and I were looking for a pipe leak repair service and called numerous businesses with no success. Contrarily, we walked in on Mr.Bruen and his boys doing some plumbing work. Mr. Bruen, a very nice man, came out on a rainy day to mend a pipe for my family, and instead of just patching it up, he took the time to install a new pipe and repair it. Definitely a gentleman. I value his advice and time very much. I have already recommended him to other people I know who needed plumbing work done. They come with my highest recommendation. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

Sphincter Jones
2023-10-07 07:00:14

I have used the plumbing services of Seattle Plumbing at two residential properties to replace water line valves, repair leaking faucets, and install a tankless water heater for the entire residence. This team were knowledgeable, professional, and offered a lower price than the competition. My family and I will contact him for all of our future plumbing requirements, and you should do the same.

81 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101, USA
(206) 360-0078