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2023-10-14 05:25:50

Apparently Google will remove your review if the company flags it as spam, so I'll just leave these videos of Best Plumbing's workers being exceptionally disrespectful to myself and my property on here. Don't forget to turn up the volume!

Joe Neal
2024-01-17 23:15:56

Last fall, Best Plumbing completed several projects at our home. After replacing an old recirculation pump on the hot water system, water was taking an extraordinarily long time to get hot. Although it required several trips back to the house, Best Plumbing persisted until the problem was identified and corrected. Throughout the process, the plumbers and office staff were professional and concerned. On top of that, Cameran, Mike, and Ryan were really nice guys and fun to work with.

Lynn Metter
2023-12-08 01:24:44

Professional, available by phone. Excellent service; they were able to fix our exterior leak within 1 day of making the call.. understood fully our emergency. Also, Jose' fixed our shower issue, knew exactly what parts needed. I have used them before.. never disappointed.

Manasa Tavarageri
2024-02-11 01:59:53

UPDATE (02/06/2024)Issue was resolved - thanks to Mike (local manager) who helped with ensuring that my concerns were addressed and taken care of. 01/31/2024: Good service - but will totally rip you off. When I asked the plumber how much the price would be - I got a “oh not much”. However - after fixing the unit - the plumber goes and charges an insane amount for a small pbar assembly. Do not go with these plumbers unless you have money to blow.

Cameron Tangney
2023-12-24 18:03:03

Having a really disappointing experience with Best Plumbing. Had a (great) technician out to resolve low hot water in one faucet. He removed some debris from the line which was great. But then he made some adjustments to our water heater (switched the recirculation mode from external to internal, instead of using the internal pump to recirculate externally) which left us without hot water in any faucets. I called them back as soon as we noticed (a few hours after he left) and they didn't answer. Since we were having house guests for the holidays we needed hot water, I had to call a different company (a specialist for our water heater) to come out and fix the problem that night (basically undo the changes). When Best called the next day I spoke with "Chris". She said they wouldn't charge me to send a technician out that afternoon, but after I explained that I had the problem fixed elsewhere because their technician accidentally made the problem worse and I'd just like for Best to knock off the amount of money that I paid for the other person to solve the problem, she said that because Best called Navien on my behalf she'd have to charge us regardless, and then said that this was due to us not maintaining our hot water heater. Umm, what!?! I literally had my hot water heater serviced 4 months before. This got me pretty angry. She said someone would call me to discuss - it's been 4 days and nobody called. It feels like they're ignoring me and think I'll forget about it. So while I don't fault the technician for making a mistake, I very much fault Best Plumbing for insisting on charging me full price for exacerbating our problem and I'm now hell bent on not supporting this company. Where has common sense customer service and quality gone? This place clearly does not stand behind their service and is costing me time, effort, and $$ to fix. I'm disputing my charges, but use at your own risk.

8820 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA
(206) 633-1700