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Erika Cherry
2024-01-24 22:12:44

Ok so once again ECO ELECTRIC AND PLUMBING did not disappoint! The mister and I decided to go to Mexico so we could avoid the cold snap that swept through Seattle. When we got back home, the cold left us a nasty little note in the form of a busted pipe under the house. We have no idea how long the water had been gushing outside our home. We’d used Eco once before back in 2021 and remembered being really happy with the care and service we got, so we gave them a call asking for the same service person from last time - because honestly I didn’t think one company could duplicate the level of care we got unless we had the same guy. Well, He wasn’t available but SAM was. Initially my expectation of excellent service relaxed a little, but before he even walked through the front door, SAM proved me all the way wrong! We told him he didn’t have to put on the shoe covers (because we had already been going in and out with shoes on anyway), but Sam insisted. I know it’s probably protocol, but it felt really nice to have him respect our tiny place like that. AND THEN, within the first 5 minutes of his time with us, he educated us on safety precautions we didn’t consider (like turning off the breaker to the hot water heater when you have to turn off the water). Every step of the way, he didn’t just do the job he was paid for, he educated us about what he was doing and why. We really felt included in the process and understand even more about what’s going on under our house. We are looking forward to building a continuous relationship with Eco (AND SAM)! THANK YOU SAM FOR HANDLING OUR HOME and us WITH SUCH CARE.

Adrienne Hallstrom
2024-02-15 20:03:48

So glad we found Eco Electric & Plumbing! Nate was helpful, kind & respectful. He helped walk us through deciding what the most efficient + cost-saving options were for our company HQ. parts were ordered quickly & the job was done within a few days of giving us the quote! Thanks, Nate + co.

Lindsay Parker
2024-01-26 19:18:15

They were so quick! I called and received a stop by same day. And Levi was fantastic. He came through, immediately figured out how to secure the leak so I could still use my main water system, and offered me bottle water. He was a gem. He identified other leaks and has been very transparent with how the company works and very willing to work with me on that services I select. He even included an option for a dog wash for my pup! Stellar company and service. 100% recommend.

2024-02-06 01:46:17

Excellent job, explained everything, kept me updated. Professional and personable plumber. I had a frozen burst pipe, replaced with better insulation and positioning of pipe to prevent ever happening again, better valves. Very happy with service!

Carmen McFarland
2024-01-24 03:13:02

Levi was super helpful in finding the issue causing my pilot light to continuously go out (leaving me with no hot water). He ran every test possible and when nothing came up, he thought outside the box. After thoroughly inspecting the hot water tank, he found the supply line to be rusted over. Concluding that the supply line may have been installed wrong, he held his ear up to the tank which unveiled that water was slowly dripping and putting out the pilot light. I was so thankful to have an answer to my issue. It was so annoying losing hot water once a week. Beyond being knowledgeable, Levi also had superb customer service. I live in a rental and Levi did an excellent job filling in my landlord while keeping me up to speed. My landlord even told me that Levi quoted him for a hot water tank replacement and stated that we have a lot of the parts on hand so he’d deduct those from the quote. This was as truly pleasant an experience as having no hot water can be. Thank you Eco Plumbing & Levi!

126 S Spokane St, Seattle, WA 98134, USA
(206) 548-4353