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Until 2005,
we design, build and sell
performance and training tools
for sailing world

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TinyCoach was an embedded electronic hardware which records NMEA data and transform it into information. The information is sent to a voice synthesis. TinyCoach really was incredible but has been abandonned because a lack of sales. iSeaReplay is the first sailing debriefing web service, in 3D.
Associated with a large variety of dataloggers, iSeaReplay let everybody use a high-tech tool to understand and inprove your sailing sessions with your training partners.
iSeaReplay is used by olympic french sailing teams.
iSeaLive, this is iSeaReplay but...in live.
This service is especially dedicated to yacht clubs. It is not yet on the market, except France. You can join us on the dedicated blog, we are waiting for you !
iSeaEvent is a live tracking service for inshore races, in 3D.
Hugely fluid and amazing, iSeaEvent offers virtual images for internet and giant screens brodcasts.We can also help race organizers as consultants to comment races and to build their commnication web strategy, to place a sailing webTV for example !
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